Get Better Health By Switching to Snus

April 27th, 2017

Which is the better option? Cigarettes or snus? Well, to answer this question, it is imperative that we define the two. Cigarettes are the tobacco sticks that need to be burnt in order to extract the highly addictive nicotine substance. On the other hand, snus, (which is pronounced ‘snooze’) is powdered tobacco that does not need to be smoked. It is packaged in such a way that you can place it behind the upper lip. It is moist so you can suck on the nicotine slowly.According to many Swedish users, snus is the better alternative, because it has been manufactured for people who have different demands for nicotine. Snus is smokeless and the user does not need to spit out any remains. Snus is also less harmful as compared to cigarettes. But there is an obvious difference between safe and less harmful, so says the medics. Snus is also the best alternative for people who are trying to quit.Snus comes with different quantities of nicotine, as opposed to cigarettes where it is very difficult to control the amount of nicotine in one unit. Smoking a cigarette also affects those around the smoker who do not smoke. This is known as ‘secondary smoking’. These secondary smokers have been found to suffer the same effects as normal smokers.Both cigarettes and snus contain the substance nicotine. This is what every smoker is after. That is why many professionals advise that it’s better to go for the friendlier alternative, which is snus. Snus came into the scene originally in order to encourage the reduction of tobacco intake in Sweden. It actually worked, and most of its users today in the country were actually chain smokers. It greatly increases the lifespan and the health of its users. Doctors and therapists also highly recommend the use of snus when someone asks for the best way to reduce the smoking habit.