The Positive Effects of Sunlight

January 7th, 2020

Sunlight is critically important for humans and other animals. Absorbing the right amount of sun rays is beneficial to a person’s health. Sunlight helps people release serotonin hormones in their brains. Serotonin boosts the mood of a person and helps them make decisions that help them remain calm and focused.A reduced amount of sunlight on a person reduces the levels of serotonin and reduces the mood and can lead to depression and other disorders. The main natural treatment for depression caused by seasonal affective disorder is phototherapy (light therapy). Light therapy involves frequent exposure to sunlight in order to stimulate the brain, making serotonin and improving brain health.

Role of Deeping Sunlight into buildings.

Often, certain careers don’t really let people get proper time to fully work because they forced to work inside all day. It can be difficult to ensure that workers get enough sunlight, there are solutions that utilize fiber optic lighting that captures outdoor light and distributes it to the entire building. This helps solve a concern that the majority of indoor workers spend 90% of their time in buildings, Parans company designs and constructs buildings in such a way that they can distribute the sunlight 100m deep indoors. They use sun collectors and low intrusion¬†that use fiber optic interior lighting¬†to every floor of the building.

Other Positive Effects of Fiber optic Interior Lighting.

Exposure to sunlight helps to build strong bones. This exposure helps the skin in processing vitamin D that improves the health of the skeletal system. Vitamin D is important to the body because the low level of vitamin D can cause rickets in children, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia. Despite many people thinking that sunlight can damage one’s health, exposure to sunlight also prevents skin cancer. This is the reason why most people prefer staying in buildings that are supplied with enough sunlight as opposed to dark buildings. This is a great reason that one should’nt worry about sun exposure because only a prolonged light ray that can harm you.