Biogas – A Sustainable Energy Solution

October 23rd, 2017

The population of the world is growing, and it is forecast to exceed the eight billion mark by the year 2025. Human populations already have a huge negative impact on the global health of the environment. Therefore, looking for ways that the growing population of people and companies can acquire energy in an environmentally friendly way is becoming more and more important.According to the IUCN, biogas is a green sustainable, carbon neutral and renewable energy source that can be used to help minimise the negative effects of energy production on the environment.Biogas is made from organic waste products such as animal dung, dead plants and kitchen waste. What’s more, the by-products of biogas production can be used as compost in gardens and in agriculture. The IUCN also points out that in rural locations people often become dependent on fuel derived from forests, leading to demise in forested areas.For heat production in homes and businesses, including cooking, the burning of wood is a poor choice that releases high volumes of CO2 into the atmosphere. If biogas is used instead, then the large quantities of CO2 being released into the atmosphere would be significantly less.Biogas plants are often completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity and heat. This means that they produce all of the electricity and heat that they need, through the biogas that they produce. In addition to this, with bespoke biogas and waste processing solutions, such as those from Centriair, pollutants and odours, such as pungent smelling hydrogen sulphide, are captured and not released back into the atmosphere.It is clear that biogas has an increasing role in reducing the world’s dependency on fossil fuels. This in turn will help people and companies to minimise their impact on the environment, therefore improving the health of the population in general.