Correlations Between Cardiovascular Disease and Poor Health

December 15th, 2014

Heart disease is a serious condition that affects countless millions of individuals; many of these living in developed nations. While there have been studies which have shown that there is a genetic component, it is also quite clear that poor health and a bad diet will directly contribute to an ailing heart. Are you concerned about developing this condition over time? If so, this text will prove very useful, for we will take a look at a handful of lifestyle habits that should be avoided.


Many experts feel that diet is a critical factor in the chances of you developing heart disease. This is mainly due to the fact that a substance known as plaque will build up within the arteries of the heart. In turn, this will slow down the blood flow. Over time, this can lead to parts of the heart becoming starved of oxygen and even dying. Much of this plaque will come from the fats within the foods that you eat. By avoiding foods high in fat and cholesterol, you will be able to dramatically cut the chances of developing heart disease.

High Blood Pressure

This is also known as hypertension in the medical community. Once again, high blood pressure tends to run in families. However, diets high in sodium increase this risk massively. As before, it is important to maintain a low-sodium diet; especially if high blood pressure is genetic. Also, smoking is another contributor to high blood pressure along with stress. So, it is clear that all of these bad habits should be dealt with at once.


Interestingly enough, researchers are still not exactly sure why stress contributes to heart disease but it is thought that the effects of stress are a primary factor. For example, stress can contribute to high blood pressure and obesity. These are two known causes of heart disease. Additionally, stress can release certain “fight-or-flight” hormones into your system. If these are constantly present, your heart will be placed under greater strain. We should also remember that stress can lead to other negative habits such as smoking, excessive drug use, drinking and poor sleep patterns. So, stress may very well be the top variable that should be addressed.The best ways to combat these risks is to maintain good diet, get plenty of rest and regularly exercise. In terms of stress, meditation and even support groups can come in handy. In theory, we are given only one heart. Let us try to make it last!