Research in cardiac and vascular disease

November 13th, 2014

Today, cutting-edge research in cardiac and vascular disease is helping to save thousands of lives as well as improve the quality of life for millions of others. Here are highlights of some of the remarkable breakthroughs currently being reported.

Encouraging self-repair

Some amazing research is showing that stem cells can help human hearts to actually repair themselves (British Heart Foundation, date unknown). Stem cells are also being investigated by specialists to give stroke victims much needed help. The Stroke Association (date unknown) has made the recent announcement that pilot studies by the Imperial College indicate that brain damage resulting from strokes could even be repaired using stem cells.

Improved drugs

Researchers have recently found that a drug called LCZ696 is even better for preventing death from cardiovascular diseases than the traditional heart failure drug, enalapril (National Health Service, date unknown). Studies funded by the British Heart Foundation are highlighting important discoveries, particularly in the benefits of ACE inhibitors (blood pressure medicines) in those struggling with heart failure having had heart attacks (British Heart Foundation, date unknown).

Other innovations

The British Heart Foundation’s experts have been examining the theory that flagging hearts have problems generating energy. In pilot studies, a new treatment (called perhexiline) was shown to help patients who were only able to move slowly to walk faster and further (British Heart Foundation, date unknown). Nowadays, heart failure can be ruled out in the majority of cases using a novel yet simple blood test (British Heart Foundation, date unknown). In addition, researchers at Harefield Hospital are studying a mechanical device that is able to do the heart’s work (British Heart Foundation, date unknown).

The future

Experts and specialists from leading research institutions are working tirelessly to perfect a series of medical innovations geared towards reducing the debilitating effects of cardiac and vascular diseases. This is an indeed an exciting time to stay abreast of all of the remarkable developments as they are happening.